15 DIY hedvábných květinových svatebních kytic, které si můžete vyrobit sami za 30 minut

“Any opinions on using silk flowers to create the bridal bouquets? I’ve found this is a way to conserve money and have noticed that silk flowers such as daisies can appear just as pretty.”

“I am considering having some silk flowers for my wedding as I have found some gorgeous ones. However, I’m still not sure whether they will match up to the real flowers.”

It is hard to tell if silk wedding bouquets or real fresh wedding flowers are better. But if you prefer to use wedding bouquets made of silk flowers, then you just come to the right place. Despite buying bridal bouquets online, you can make a unique wedding bouquet by yourself. So you can save hundreds of dollars for wholesale silk wedding flowers.

Though there are many pre-made silk wedding bouquets, it is still not easy to figure out your silk flower bridal bouquets. If you have no idea how to DIY silk wedding flower packages, you can get inspired by the following paragraphs. Now, let’s read together to figure out your preference.

Část 1: 15 Nádherné nápady na hedvábné svatební kytice s různými motivy a barvami

The followings are wedding bouquets by color, theme, flower, material, and more. You can read and choose your favorite fake flowers for wedding centerpieces here.

1. Růžová hedvábná svatební kytice

You can use white and pillow talk peonies, silk rose flowers, veronica, scabiosa, and peppermint geraniums to make a pretty pink bouquet.

2. Kytice King Protea pro družičku

Just as its name shows, this silk flower wedding bouquet consists of king proteas mainly. Later, you can add sweet peas, ranunculus, veronicas, poppies, and other flowers with similar colors.

3. Svatební kytice z červeného hedvábí

Silk flower bouquets with bright colors can add a more romantic atmosphere to your wedding. So you can create a bridal wedding bouquet with red silk flowers like bougainvillea, roses, succulents, coral creeper, and more.

4. Kytice z bílých hedvábných květin na svatbu v zimě

If you prepare to hold a wedding in cold weather, then you can create silk wedding bouquets in white or other colors with winter style. Well, peonies, camellias, ranunculus, nerines, and Crispa tulips are all choices for you.

5. Organická svatební kytice

To DIY an organic bridal bouquet, you can put garden roses, astrantia, and local greenery together. Then add silk flowers you like into this wedding bouquet.

6. Hedvábná květinová svatební kytice omotaná dlouhou grošovou stuhou

You can tie the bridal bouquet with lace or ribbon. It is a way to made it to be whimsical and informal. So if you like to add something different to your wedding, you can try this bouquet with summer feelings.

7. Barevné hedvábné květinové svatební kytice

Just use trailing ribbons or laces to tie silk flowers such as bougainvillea, poppies, ranunculus, clematis, rose, etc. Consequently, you can turn your wedding into a fun party.

8. Hedvábná květinová kytice na svatbu s vánoční tematikou

Wanna have one more Christmas? If you want to have a Christmas-themed wedding, you'd better use silk wedding bouquets in Christmas style. You can put roses, smilax, ranunculus, festival bush, poppies, astilbe, peonies, amaryllis, and others together.

9. Živá svatební kytice na jaro

Here are some floral-fruity silk flowers you can take, such as tea roses, poppies, kumquats, tangerines, Meyer lemons, blackberries, clematis, sweet peas, etc.

10. Pastelová svatební kytice

You can try the soft-blush-and-peach color to DIY silk bridesmaid bouquets for weddings. For instance, pussy willow, olive foliage, and milk berries are popular choices.

11. Hedvábná svatební květina ve fialové barvě

If you fall in love with purple, then you can DIY silk flower bouquets in purple as well. Just collect roses, lisianthus, scabiosa, ranunculus, larkspur, rosemary, eucalyptus, and others as your materials.

12. Romantická svatební kytice

Add ranunculus, chamomile, roses, and other silk flowers you like as wedding bouquets. Then you can use ribbons or laces to tie them up.

13. Svatební kytice s růžovými a bílými hedvábnými květinami

You can put pink and white colors together to make pure and lovely silk flower bouquets for a wedding. Well, peonies and garden roses are good combinations.

14. Podzimní svatební kytice

Then how to create a fall-themed silk flower bridal bouquet? You can get astilbes, maple leaves, dahlias, roses, baby artichokes, rice flowers, snowberry, hypericum, and more.

15. Bílá svatební kytice

So why not create silk bridesmaid bouquets in pure white color? It’s OK if you want to add some buttermilk roses, Vendela roses, sweet peas, white hydrangeas, and more.

Část 2: Jak si do 30 minut vyrobit levné balíčky na svatební kytice s hedvábnými květinami

Then here comes the question, how to create gorgeous silk flower bouquets by yourself? Well, the following is a tutorial you can follow to DIY more bouquets. Just read and follow.

Krok 1: Proveďte přípravy

Prepare silk flowers, workplace, and other tools you need in advance. Make sure main steam lengths are approximately the same. If not, you can trim with scissors.

Krok 2: Nakloňte hedvábné květiny do kytice

Put 2 to 4 flowers are the základna of your bridal bouquet. Then add flowers carefully according to colors and textures. Well, you need to wrap your bouquet continuously while you are adding new flowers.

Krok 3: DIY hedvábné květinové svatební kytice

You can use ribbon, lace, or other trims you like to wrap up your wedding bouquet. Leave stems about 11/2 inches from the head. It depends on your preferences. Then pin ribbons or tie a bow on it.

That’s all for today’s recommendations of silk flower bouquets for weddings. If you have any other good idea about bridal bouquets, please don’t hesitate to share with us.