Jak si vyrobit svatební kytici s hedvábnými květinami - 3 nejlepší metody, které byste měli vzít v úvahu

Jak vyrobit hedvábný květ for a wedding party or house decoration? It is not difficult to customize a long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers. When you need to have a party for several days, silk flower is a good idea for decoration and saves time to change the flowers. The article shares 3 different ways to make a bridal bouquet with silk flowers. You can choose the desired and suitable solution according to your requirement.

Část 1: Jak si vyrobit svatební kytici s hedvábnými květinami

To make a wedding bouquet with silk flowers, you need to have some preparation beforehand, such as the silk fabric, fabric pen, craft paint, petal stencils, fabric glue, green floral tape, scissors, small paintbrush, thin floral wire, wire cutters, and more.

Krok 1: When you need to make a wedding silk flower, you need to design a flower pattern, such as calla lilies, roses, and daisies. Just use the fabric pen to trace the petal stencils onto your silk fabric, then decide the number of petals and flowers you want.

Krok 2: After that, you can cut out the petals. Decorate the items with craft paint, paintbrush, and dabs of fabric paint. Moreover, you can darken the edge and taper the color at the center. Mimic nature and layer the petals randomly when finishing your flower.

Krok 3: Overlap petals one at a time to create the full bloom. Here you can assemble several petals to form the inner section. Use thin floral wire to make the stem. Cut it to length with wire cutters. Thread the stem through the petals and secure it with fabric glue.

Krok 4: Wrap the stem wires with green floral tape with the desired pattern. Dab a touch of glue at each end to keep the tape in place. Arrange your flowers into a teardrop or posy bouquet for weddings with silk flowers, or artfully gather them with ease.

Část 2: Jak snadno zakoupit hedvábnou květinovou svatbu

Is there any method to purchase silk flowers for a wedding? You can search for the desired one from Amazon and eBay. Of course, there are dozens of flower patterns within cozylace.com. If you need to get a similar one from Amazon, you can send an email for customization.

Krok 1: Go to the Amazon store and search for the silk flower according to your requirement. There are detailed parameters for the silk flowers, such as size, weight, and more others.

Krok 2: After that, you can decide the number of silk flowers you want. You can also ask for suggestions from the customs service, such as the numbers to make a wedding bouquet with silk flowers.

Krok 3: Once you have had the silk flowers, you can assemble the silk flowers to make a bridal bouquet. But if you need to make a customized one with several patterns, you cannot get a good flower bouquet.

Část 3: Nejlepší způsob přizpůsobení svatební hedvábné květiny

What should you do if you cannot find the silk flower pattern from Amazon, or too hard to make corsage silk flowers yourself? Once you have an idea about the corsage silk flowers you want, you can send a customization order to cozylace.com to get them with ease.

Krok 1: Take a photo of the flower to get the customization pattern. You can draw or search for a flower pattern on the Internet according to your wedding theme.

Krok 2: Send the detailed requirements, such as the color, pattern, size as well as the number of flowers you want. The designers will provide you with a sample for confirmation before final production.

Krok 3: Once everything is ready, you can receive the photos for the customization order. After that, you can wait a few more days for the wrist corsage with silk flowers for your wedding party.


How to make a cascading bridal bouquet with silk flowers? Of course, you can customize one yourself or even purchase one online, such as eBay or Amazon. If you still cannot locate the desired one from the above solution, you can take a photo or draw the desired patterns. Cozylace will do the best work to make a boutonniere with silk flowers.